Q.Should I take the breathalizer test?

A.The first and best strategy to defeat the breath test is not to take the test. You may have your license suspended for refusing the breath test, but, a license suspension and a conviction for DWI are not the same thing. A conviction for driving while intoxicated is much more serious than having your license suspended.

Q.Who should I call first?

A.Call 845-856-3333 to discuss your situation with criminal defense lawyer William J. Wolfe as soon as you are offered a phone call.

Q.Do I need an attorney?

A.YES, once the police start asking you questions, you should immediately assume that you are a DWI suspect! The questioning is done before they arrest you so that you will be induced into giving them more incriminating information. Many people think they can talk their way out of a DWI arrest, but they are wrong! Simply give the officer your name and ask to call your lawyer.

Q.Can a police officer search me or my vehicle?

A.Police may ask for consent to search your property. If you decline consent, they must obtain a search warrant from a judge.